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                      MUD: A whimsical fantasy mini-manga series

“Life is supposed to be a series of adventures. One always should lead to the next.” ~ Goethe

Moss 'N' Mud: Follow the diminutive adventures of a gnome named Mud
and the nettlesome mossylphs (spirits of moss and air) that inhabit the land around him.

New episodes to be added every Friday!

YEAR ONE: Episodes 1 ~ 52 > YEAR TWO >

Episode 1: Dormant on the Doormat

Episode 2: By a Thread

Episode 3: The Hole Truth

Episode 4: Stray Snail

Episode 5: Spoo-key

Episode 6: Acorns Enough

Episode 7: Fish Food?

Episode 8: Pill Bugs and Pillows

Episode 9: Pet Keeping

Episode 10: The Mythenmoss

Episode 11: Sharing is Caring

Episode 12: Hide and Sleep

Episode 13: Into the Nest

Episode 14: A Day to Remember

Episode 15: Rain Drops Keep Calling

Episode 16: Mud, Mud, Mud

Episode 17: The Hole Story

Episode 18: Half Way

Episode 19: Rainmaker

Episode 20: Hide While You Can

Episode 21: When Water Bears Bite

Episode 22: Treasure Away

Episode 23: The Shadow of Someday

Episode 24: Slime Time

Episode 25: Cush's Crush

Episode 26: Acorn Tea

Episode 27: Bridge to Nowhere

Episode 28: Morning Call

Episode 29: Lost and Found

Episode 30: A Quiet Stroll

Episode 31: Rock the Boat

Episode 32: Clean As Mud

Episode 33: Pick Your Adventure

Episode 34: Moral Support

Episode 35: Beard Brushings

Episode 36: Lullaby

Episode 37: Who Spooked Who

Episode 38: The Cave's Secret

Episode 39: Spring Chill

Episode 40: Tea Time

Episode 41: Spring and Bounce

Episode 42:
When Spider Silk Snaps

Episode 43: Buttoned Lips

Episode 44: You are Here

Episode 45: Sweet and Sticky

Episode 46: Dirty Work

Episode 47: Eye Invasion

Episode 48: Whistling Along

Episode 49:
Rainy Mood

Episode 50: Tag

Episode 51: Beastly Beauty

Episode 52: Bed Rest


What are mossylphs?

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